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Celebrant Services

The creation of a sincere and meaningful ceremony

Supply and lodgement of all legal documents

Confidential and secure record keeping

Meetings in my home or at a mutually convenient location

Telephone and email consultations as required

Assistance as required with choice of venue or wedding service providers

Professional laser printed marriage certificate (in an elegant calligraphy font)

Celebrant arrival at least 15 minutes before the agreed ceremony starting time

A clear and professional ceremony presentation

Letters if required for Department of Immigration, Defence Forces and so on

PA system (when necessary)

On site rehearsal (where applicable)

  Example of my Celebrant Agreement signed by the celebrant and couple  

I, Bernadette Smith

  • will keep the above date and time available for your wedding ceremony;

  • supply and lodge all legal documents and solemnise your marriage according to the legal requirements of The Marriage Act 1961;

  • will offer you a high standard of service at all times and adhere to The Celebrants Code of Practice (see Schedule of Fees for full list of services provided);

  • will deliver your civil marriage ceremony in a clear, audible and professional presentation;

  • will arrive at your ceremony venue at least 15 minutes before the agreed upon starting time and allow at least 1 hour between bookings;

  • will, to the best of my endeavours, find a suitable authorised celebrant (who will be paid the same fee) if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I cannot attend your ceremony. You will be advised with as much notice as possible;  and


  • To provide all of the necessary legal documents (original birth certificates or passports and, if you have been married before, the original divorce certificate or death certificate of the previous spouse) BEFORE the wedding ceremony.

  • To ensure the notice of intent to marry form is lodged with me, as your celebrant, at least a month and a day before the ceremony date.

  • Any venue or time changes must be discussed with me, and confirmed in writing, as I may have other commitments on the same day that would prevent me from conducting your wedding. At times, due to my commitments, some changes will not be able to be made.

  • For outdoor weddings, a pre-arranged back up venue must be booked. If, due to wet weather, the ceremony is held in the alternative venue, the ceremony must be scheduled to commence at the same time at each venue, unless otherwise arranged.

  • Please ensure the ceremony starts at the agreed upon time. In the event that the ceremony is delayed more than 20 minutes beyond the agreed starting time, I reserve the right to proceed to my next commitment.

  • Notice of cancellation of your ceremony must be made by calling me on 0422746912 or by email or by post to 32 Gifford Street, Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island  4819. I acknowledge all cancellations, so if you do not hear from me, you must telephone me as well. If you cancel your wedding in the month prior to your ceremony date, full payment is still required.

Initial Fee


An initial fee of $200 is due and payable at the booking of your ceremony. In the event of cancellation of the ceremony, this fee is not refundable. The balance of your account is payable no later than 28 days before your wedding.

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